About Us

We're on a mission to provide you with the best platform for algorithmic trading so you can focus on developing cutting edge algorithms to invest your capital wisely, safely and, more importantly, transparently.

A revolution is ongoing in the asset management world. We help our clients become leaders in it.

We believe that machine learning and AI will bring significant added value to investors and asset managers.

In recent years, a number of trading algorithms failures have resulted in substantial losses, fines and reputational damage for credit institutions and investment firms. This is why we believe that the most important part in running an low frequency algorithmic trading practice is risk management. Our mission is to help you put in place a strong governance process that ensures that the algorithms developed are compliant, optimizes the returns over the risks taken and are within the board's risk appetite. We let you as well take the control over your algorithms by enabling you to strongly backtest them using different backtesters before running them in production. In addition, we enable you as well to control and monitor the running algorithms in realtime (you have more than a "kill" functionality to shut down the trading algorithm in the event of an erroneous run).

Our Team

We are currently 6 people working on the platform development and we are located in Paris and Singapore.

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